Space/Time, 2011 is a single channel video projection on cut out screen, dimensions vary. 10minute loop, 1080p. Ongoing exploration featuring common objects.






funnel/jug/hose, 2009.


carton/jug/box, 2009.


Box Video, 2003 – present. Domestic objects like bottles, bananas, and soap perform a range of actions in effort to create simple narratives.









































cctv video game

Back Lane, 2010 is part of a collection of multi-channel analog video games.  In this version, the player or viewer gets to control the soccer ball and leg. The soccer ball activates a low fi sound component: sirens, barking dogs and broken glass.











giffiti? Photos taken 8 years apart

high speed

Sound Photos, 2009 – present. High-speed photographs reveal the immediate result of an impact or collision between two or more objects.  These pictures were taken with a DSLR and external flash. The flash is connected to a programable micro controller, stereo amplifier, and directional microphone. Sound activates the flash mili seconds after the moment of impact is heard.












bowling ball




































spin cameras and cams.

Spinning Cams, 2007. Interactive kinetic, kaleidoscopic, video sculptures.























Spinning Camera, 1997.



































































GoPro, ping-pong ball, wood, rope, 100km/hr